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Certaldo Alto

Certaldo, is a well known town in which the poet Giovanni Boccaccio was born.
It is a strategic point stuck in the middle of the Val d’Elsa, from which it is very
easy to reach cities and Points of artistic and cultural interest as Florence, Siena,
Pisa, San Gimignano and Volterra.

Its origins are dated back to the Etruscan-Roman period. Certaldo has an upper village
(m. 130). That is the older part and another side developed in the adjacent dale since
XIII-XIV centuriy, at the very border with the ‘Via Francigena’. The Medieval
town plan of the village has been kept almost the same all along the centuries
It represent one of the finest medieval village of Tuscany from every point of view,
From the architectonical, from the one of the town plan and also about the environment.

Since some 25 years, in Certaldo every year take place (at the end of July) a festival
called Mercantia. It is the most important Italian street artists festival. It is
very suggestive to see the main street in the upper Certaldo enlightened by the light of
flares and torches, but the basic element of the festival is by no doubt the moltitude of
shows that take place at every corner of the village. For more or less three hours in every
street or square of the city there are puppets shows, musicians, theatre plays, acrobats,
jugglers and tumblers. The written program of what is about to happen during the festival
only gives a partial idea of what really is this event.

In order to know any other activity promoted by Certaldo’s city council please visit
the official web site.

San Gimignano (10 km)

Volterra (35 km)

Firenze (40 km)

Siena (40 km)

Colline del chianti